Business Development

“Clients investing in our support should expect to gain maximum return on investment. That’s one of the reasons why we always seek to understand a firm’s existing culture, structure and processes before suggesting potential improvements.”

Business Development has become a major pre-occupation for the management teams of professional service firms. One of the key challenges many professional service firms encounter is to manage most professionals’ natural inclination to focus on the technical aspects of their work (e.g. legal, actuarial, accounting, etc.) and to assume or hope that the quality of this work will ensure future assignments.

Consequently few professionals take much interest in developing business development or client management skills unless encouraged to do so by their firms. Many firms however struggle getting this right, especially the relative value that should be given to such “non-technical” skills. In such firms Business development either becomes the preserve of a few “natural” rain makers or a matter of “chance”. Ensuring effective use of resources is a major challenge for the management of such firms.

Sustainable growth for most professional services firms however requires all professionals within a firm, especially at partner level, to be business development competent and to make active contributions in this area. If appropriately structured and supported, business development need not become a major drain on individuals but can actually support them in fulfilling their professional ambitions.

Gara Consulting provide pragmatic, results oriented business development advice in connection with:

  • Formulating and implementing effective business development strategies
  • Prioritisation of business development efforts and resources
  • Client portfolio analysis
  • Applying a sector approach
  • Winning new clients
  • Managing Key Accounts
  • Fee negotiations/ pricing structures