Fee Negotiations

“Effective preparations for, and a value oriented approach to fee negotiations can have a dramatic positive impact on the economics of a professional service firm- whilst at the same time dramatically improve client relationships.”

Many professionals and partners find fee negotiations to be one of the most demanding yet critical elements of their roles. Few however are provided with any in-depth skills training or support. Often professionals are torn between a desire to negotiate the best possible deal and a fear of risking a valued relationship. This need not be so. A well planned and executed fee negotiation can result in both, a good deal financially as well as a stronger client relationship.

Key skills required for effective fee negotiations include being able to:

  • Negotiating about issues rather than risking a valued client relationship
  • Differentiating between interests and positions
  • Defining realistic targets and walk away terms
  • Communicating strong opening positions effectively
  • Eliciting and using information from counterparties
  • Generating additional value using creativity

Developing alternative pricing approaches is becoming increasingly important to most PSFs. Based on our strategic business development perspectives, our track record and the feedback from over 1100 attendees of earlier courses we have developed a highly effective high impact fee negotiating course customised for the requirements of PSFs and their partners.

Using a mixture of lecturing, case studies and video feedback we can improve the fee negotiation capabilities of those attending our high impact fee negotiation course significantly.

The programme is available in English and German.