Executive Coaching

You set yourself ambitious performance targets. You should also have similarly ambitious expectations of your coach: open and honest feedback, a working relationship of equals, empathy, ideas and help regarding your personal development– and in particular effective support in new or challenging situations!

You wouldn’t go to a dentist for heart or brain surgery so why would you expect to get effective help at work from people with little, if any understanding or personal experience of the work environment within which you operate or of the responsibilities you hold?

Using his long standing track record and international experience working for leading investment banks and law firms as well as a formal business coach qualification Ori Wiener is able to provide senior partners and managers coaching support in a number of different areas including:

  • managing the transition taking on new responsibilities
  • dealing with cross cultural issues at work
  • raising strong personal performance to an even higher and long term sustainable level; and/or
  • seeking to achieve the full potential of a team.



Ori Wiener is accredited as a Business Coach with the WABC (World Association of Business Coaches). Click here for further details regarding his non-directive approach to coaching. Recent coaching assignments include:

  • the managing partner of an international law firm redefining his firm’s international expansion strategy in light of current market conditions
  • senior executives of a leading international IT service provider seeking to develop stronger leadership competencies
  • a number of partners in law firms looking to meet a series of transition challenges
  • and a senior business services manager reviewing a number of organisational performance issue

Feedback from coaching client

      This is hard work and not always easy to accept or do, but it is really helping me get to the bottom of things.
    1. I love the way you alternate pace with space for reflection, it gives me both energy and room for introspection.
    1. You know when to challenge me as well as helping me reach important insights in my own way.

Ori WienerExecutive Coaching

What is executive coaching and is it relevant to you or your colleagues? Shaw & Linnecar define coaching as follows: “Coaching is for people who have the ambition to be the very best leaders they can and who know that this can only be done through critical honesty and self-awareness.”

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of supporting partners, managers and senior support staff in raising their performance on a sustainable basis. The role of the coach is to support their clients in understanding the issues or challenges they face and reaching their own solutions on how to address them. Coaches do this by providing an opportunity to discuss issues and reflecting on them. Clients play an active role throughout a coaching engagement. Key ingredients for a successful coaching relationship include absolute confidentiality, open and frank discussions and mutual respect. Coaching relationships inevitably start with an exploratory “chemistry“ session in which both sides determine if there is a basis for a relationship of equals and in which the key issues around which the coaching is to take place are explored.

As coaching covers a broad range of activities I provide some additional information regarding my approach to executive coaching. Additional information can be found under Resources and Links

  • Strength orientation. I prefer to focus on what is working and generates energy for his clients rather than what is not. Work on “weaknesses” tends to aim to neutralise or marginalise these rather than trying to turn these into strengths. There is a mounting body of evidence to suggest that using strengths has the added benefit of taking the smallest effort to generate the biggest impact.
  • Focus on the individual. I see my first duty of care and the key relationship to be with the individual client, not a sponsoring firm. I will nevertheless seek to ensure (subject to the confidentiality of the coaching process) that the Sponsor will have a view of the benefits of the coaching. Furthermore, for coaching to generate maximum impact the sponsoring organisation has a role to play, albeit carefully defined.
  • Non-directive with a judicious sprinkling of advice or views. My coaching is non-directive in nature and based on using the experience gained working for over 25 years in leading international investment banks and one of the world’s leading law firms. At times it may be appropriate to offer some advice or views but only very sparingly and more to generate additional ideas or thoughts rather than as an end in itself.
  • Flexibility I am equally comfortable coaching face-to-face or over the phone and will adapt to whatever the client requires. 25 years of working as an investment banker and senior marketing executive internationally provide me with a strong multi- cultural background and understanding of diverse business issues as he worked with variety of nationalities and in different countries.

I coach in English and German